"Art @ Science"

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Springer Vienna/NewYork, March 1998

ISBN 3-211-82953-9, 330 pages, many colored figures

Sommerer C. and Mignonneau L. (Eds.)

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Contributing authors:


1. Telecommunications

Philippe Queau, UNESCO and INA, Paris, France

Dr. Ryohei Nakatsu, ATR, Kyoto, Japan

Maria Grazia Mattei, MGM Communications, Milano, Italy

2. Scientific Visualization

Prof. Donna Cox - NCSA, USA

Prof. Demetri Terzopoulos - University of Toronto, Canada

Prof. Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz - University of Toronto, Canada

3. Artificial Life

Dr. Tom Ray - ATR, Kyoto, Japan

Prof. Louis Bec - Aix en Provence, France

Prof. Machiko Kusahara - Polytechnics, Tokyo, Japan

4. Artists as Researchers

Prof. Jeffrey Shaw - ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

Michael Naimark - Interval Research, San Francisco, USA

Monika Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss- GMD, Bonn, Germany

Sommerer & Mignonneau - ATR, Kyoto, Japan

Prof. Peter Weibel - Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria

5. Chaos and Complex Systems

Dr. Gottfried Mayer-Kress - Beckman Institute, Urbana, USA

Prof. Otto Roessler - University of Tuebingen, Germany

6. Public Spaces

Peter Richards - Exploratorium, San Francisco, USA

Prof. Hans-Peter Schwarz - Media Museum, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

Prof. Toshiharu Ito - ICC InterCommunication Center, Tokyo, Japan

7. Education of Art & Science

Dr. Michael Klein - IMF Institute for New Media, Frankfurt, Germany

Prof. Itsuo Sakane - IAMAS Academy of Media Arts and Sciences Gifu, Japan

8. Art & Science in historical and cultural context

Prof. Erkki Huhtamo - University of Lapland, Finland

Dr. Cynthia Goodman - New York, USA

Prof. Roy Ascott - University of Newport, Wales, UK