Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau

"A-Volve" is an interactive environment, where visitors interact with virtual organisms in the real space of a water filled glass pool. Drawing the profile and shape of any possible form with their finger onto a touch screen, visitors will create three dimensional organisms. These organisms will be transferred and displayed simultaneously as three dimensional creatures in the water of the pool. edit1
A special editor provides that the visitors can create any kind of form with their finger and change and modify them in real-time. The three dimensional forms will be immediately "alive" and they will move and swim in the water of the pool. These virtual creatures are products of the rules of evolution, they are influenced by human creation and decision.
edit2 They are sensitive to the viewer's hand movements in the water: they react according to the viewer's behaviour; the viewer can catch them, modify their forms and communicate with them in real time. If the viewer "touches" a creature it will avoid the viewer's hand and try to flee or sometimes come back to the viewer in order to "play" with him.
The movements and behaviour of the organisms will depend mainly on their forms, on how the viewer was designing them on the drawing screen. Each creature moves, reacts and evolves according to its form, creating unpredictable and always new life-like behaviour. Since the organisms will capture all slightest movements of the viewer's hand in the water, the form and behaviour of these organisms will change constantly.

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