Learning computer coding concepts for children (age 4 to 10)
Developped for the Centre Pompidou, Paris

© 2018-2019, Laurent MIGNONNEAU & Christa SOMMERER


Coleoptera is an application that enables the creation of computer animated insects through a command line terminal. The insects are part of the coleoptera family and are displayed within different natural terrains. The colorful insects can be added freely to the terrain using a series of commands. They can also interact with their environment.

Programming language usually include commands (functions) and variables. In this application, the insects are the variables and the commands are given to them through the terminal by writing lines of code. Many types of food and shelters are also available. This allows the insects to eat, grow, reproduce and have offsprings.

The program is principaly addressed to young children aged 6 to 12 who are willing to learn how semantic and commands are linked together. One can for example learn, how to make insects follow eachother in a daisy chain configuration or design a cosy environment where insects are happily feeding and reproducing.

As noting is fixed in advance, children are free to code the perfect individual environment for their own Coleoptera insects.


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Coleoptera Exhibitions

2019 Centre George Pompidou
Mutations / Créations 2, Nature 2.0
Fete du code créatif
-Paris, France

2018 Centre George Pompidou
Code creatif Festival
-Paris, France