an interactive installation

© 1994-1995, Christa SOMMERER & Laurent MIGNONNEAU

Phototropy Concept

"Phototropy" is a biological expression describing the force, that keeps organisms or organs, like for example bacteria or plants, following the light, in order to get nutrition and hence, to survive.

The interactive computer installation "Phototropy" speaks about virtual insects and organic growth that follows the light of a lamp, held and moved by the visitors in the installation.

Computer generated virtual insect-like organisms will follow and fight for light, seeking for nutrition.

The real physical light of a lamp nourishes virtual insects by giving them life-supporting and life-enhancing energy. These artificially living creatures struggle for light, by following it and trying to reach its central focus.

Each movement the visitor will do with the lamps beam, the creatures will follow, in order to get a maximum of light nutrition.

A) Light: Source and Danger

When reaching a certain quantity of light intensity, the insect-like artificial creatures will be able to reproduce, by exchanging their genetic information. Two creatures will then produce an offspring, that carries the genetic code of the parents, The child insect will follow the light source as well.

Carefully moving the lamp on the projection wall ( a normal white wall is used as a projection screen), one can increase the insect population within seconds, creating a swarm of flying insects, who's movement very much resemble butterflies behavior.

The life and existence of these artificial insects is exclusively bound to the source of light..

Without light the organisms will die and fade away immediately.

When switching off the lamp or not reaching sufficient light, the insects will pass away, by elegantly floating onto the ground.

Light is the motor and source for life, growth, reproduction, evolution and movement. But when insects reach the very center of the light beam and thus stay too long at the "hot spot" of the lamp, the light virtually becomes a danger, burning the insects to death.

The visitor has to be careful with his lamp. Though it is very easy to use ( a normal torch lamp functions as interface), it requires the viewers responsibility and care for the creatures. If he moves too fast, the insects will hardly follow, and thus will have no time and occasion for reproduction. If he moves the lamp too slowly, the insects will reproduce rapidly, but reach the center of the beam too quickly: hence they will burn and die as fast as they were born.

To really appreciate the creation and the development of new populations and individuals, the viewer becomes responsible for their creation, their evolution and their survival.

B) Metamorphosis: Cocoons-Insects:

To create new generations, the viewer will nourish the insects well, or go back to an early stage of insect development:

by switching off his lamp, an autonomous self-generated growth of cocoons will take place: the metaphorical birthplace for new generations of insects. Round fruit-like nests are created among organic network and branch structures: they are the reservoir for new metamorphoses: each cocoon bears a new insect larva inside, that waits to be raised by the viewer.

The visitor now can decide: if, and how many cocoons he want to awake and how many new larvae he wants to nourish with his lamp.

By lightening onto the cocoon, the small, initially quiet insect larva, will "arise" and slowly start to fly: the visitor will give light to them and nourish them. Again these new generation of insects will follow the light, will reproduce and die after a while. Thus "Phototropy" represents a life cylcle of artificially living insect generations that evolve and develop over time.

C) Life cycle: Real-Unreal

A life cycle of the metamorphosis of life is created in "Phototropy".

Life is not only seen as a temporary appearance, it is considered to be an involving mechanisms, that links the artificial life of the insects to the real life of the visitors.

Light functions as a medium for this transit.

It is a real and also unreal medium.

Mankind has always been fascinated by the power and force of light, that so strikingly influences all our existence. Light is a metaphor for energy: most animals and plants can not survive without light.

In "Phototropy" real light controls the artificial life as well. A very direct and very natural link between real and unreal is made, by using our most significant natural energy source: LIGHT.

D) Freedom:

In "Phototropy" the viewers are again free to move in the space of the installation, without being connected to any devices.

Natural interaction with a virtual world is a major principle of freedom and a significant target in Mignonneau's and Sommerer's interactive computer installations.

In "Phototropy" the visitor simply takes a lamp into his hand and will start to explore and discover the vegetative and organic world of a sensitive, fragile, artificial biosphere.

"Phototropy" (c) 94-97, Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau


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Phototropy Exhibitions


2023 The Artwork as a Living System at iMAL Brussels (from April 14th to Sept 24th 2023)
Retrospective exhibition Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau
Curators: Karin Ohlenschläger
Featuring "Interactive Plant Growing", "A-Volve", "Phototropy", "Life Writer", "Mobile Feelings II", "Portrait on the Fly", "Haze Express", "Eau de Jardin", "People on the Fly", "Fly Plotter Portraits", "Digital Fly Portraits", "Scavengers", "The Value of Art", "Fly Objects", "Ar(t)chive", and "ToBee"
Co-production in collaboration with the ZKM, Karlsruhe (DE) and the OÖ Landes-Kultur, Linz (AT)
- Brussels, Belgium

2022 OK Zentrum Linz "The Artwork as a Living System"
Retrospective exhibition (2nd September 2022 - 26th Feb 2023)
Featuring "Interactive Plant Growing", "A-Volve", "Phototropy", "Life Writer", "Life Spacies II", "Mobile Feelings II", "Portrait on the Fly", "Haze Express", "Eau de Jardin", "People on the Fly", "Fly Plotter Portraits", "Digital Fly Portraits", "Scavengers", "The Value of Art", "Fly Objects", "Anthroposcope", "Antopolis", "Ar(t)chive", and "ToBee".

2022 ZKM Retrospective "The Artwork as a Living System"
Retrospective exhibition (Sat, 07.May.2022 – Sun, 31.July.2022)
The interactive installations in the exhibition tell the story of almost 30 years of artistic work by the Austrian-French artist duo Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau.
Based on an idea of Karin Ohlenschläger.
The exhibition is a co-production of ZKM | Karlsruhe, OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH, Linz and iMal, Brussels. The exhibition is accompanied by a scholarly publication in English edited by Karin Ohlenschläger, Peter Weibel and Alfred Weidinger in the Leonardo Book Series in collaboration with MIT Press.
Featuring "Interactive Plant Growing", "A-Volve", "Phototropy", "Life Writer", "Life Spacies II", "Mobile Feelings II", "Portrait on the Fly", "Haze Express", "Eau de Jardin", "People on the Fly", "Fly Plotter Portraits", "Digital Fly Portraits", "Scavengers", "The Value of Art", "Fly Objects", "Ar(t)chive", and "ToBee".
- Karlsruhe, Germany

2016 PLUNC 2016 New Media and Digital Art Festival
(29. Sept - 2. Oct. 201
With works by:
Featuring: Interactive Plant Growing, Phototropy and The Value of Art
Artists: Artica CC, Thomas Grogan, anaa colectivo, Antonio Quiroga Waldthaler, Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer, Nuno Correia, Monica Vlad, Tiago Rorke e Maurício Martins, Ben Grosser, Emilio Vavarella and Fito Segrera
- Lisbon, Portugal

2014 Solo show at the Galerie Charlot Paris
(8th January til 22nd February)
featuring "Life Writer", "Eau de Jardin" and "Phototropy"
Curated by Valérie Hasson-Benillouche

- Paris, France

2011 Arts Santa Monica Barcelona (1st June 2011- 30th September 2011)
Curator: Josep Perello & irma vilà òdena
Solo exhibition: "A-Volve, Eau de Jardin, Phototropy, Life Spacies II, Mobile Feelings
- Barcelona, Spain

2010 Uferhallen Berlin Wedding "Here Comes the Sun"
an Exhibition for Sun- and Energy Researchers from the age of 7 September 5th 2010
Featuring "Phototropy"
- Berlin, Germany

2012 "|Project Daejeon 2012: Energy"
(September-2. December 2012)
Daejeon Museum of Art,
Curator: Minkyung Yoo, Minkyung Kim participating artists: Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau, Eduardo Kac, Laurent Grasso, Ji Haru & Graham Wakefield, Marcos Novak, Scenocosme, Seiko Mikami & Sota Ichikawa, Paul D. Miller (a.k.a. DJ Spooky, who will perform for the opening show), Ai Weiwei, Lu Yang, Giuliana Cunéaz, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer et. al.
- Daejeon, South Korea

2012 THE VIEW Contemporary Art Space,
(June-September 2012)
Solo Exhibition,
Artists: Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer
Salenstein, Switzerland

2012 Laznia Centre for Contemporary
(Art, 14. May .2012 - 24. June.2012)
Solo Exhibition "Wonderful Life, Art& Science Meeting"
Curator: Ryszard Kluszinsky
Artists: Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer
Gdansk, Poland

2011 Arts Santa Monica Barcelona
(1st June 2011- 30th September 2011)
Solo exhibition:
Curator: Josep Perello & irma vilà òdena
"A-Volve, Eau de Jardin, Phototropy, Life Spacies II, Mobile Feelings
- Barcelona, Spain

2010 Mondo Mio
Here comes the Sun" - Exhibition about Sun and Energy
July 15th – August 29th 2010
curator: Yvonne Leonard
- Dortmund, Germany

2009 Winzavod Contemporary Art Center Moscow
Science as Suspence (15.-29.3.09)
Curator: Dmitry Bulatov
Participating Artists: Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau, Stelarc, Ken Rinaldo, Bill Vorn, Paul Granjon, Nicolas Reeves, Orlan, Symbiotica, et al.
- Moscow, Russia

2000 Millennium Dome -
"Play Zone- Interactive Art"

- London, England

1999 Kuenstlerhaus Wien
"Zeichenbau - Interactive Art Exhibition"
- Vienna, Austria

1999 Ciber@rt - Int. Exhibition of New Technologies, Art and Communication
- Valencia, Spain

1999 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
-Tokyo, Japan

1998 Videoformes
Festival d'art numérique
- Clermont Ferrand, France

1998 Shiroishi Multimedia Art Center
permanent collection: " Phototropy"
- Shiroishi, Japan

1997 The Interaction '97
IAMAS and Softopia Japan
- Gifu, Japan

1997 Center of Contemorary Art
"Lab 6"
- Warsaw, Poland

1995 Nagoya City Art Museum
ARTEC'95 - The 4th international Biennale in Nagoya
- Nagoya, Japan

1995 Triennale di Milano
Palazzo dell' Arte
- Mailand, Italy

1995 Williamson Gallery
"Digital Mediations"
- Pasadena, Los Angeles, USA

1995 Krannert Art Museum
"Art as Signal"
- Urbana, Illinois USA

1994 Artifices 3
Salle de la Legion d'honneur
Curator: Jean Louis Boissier
- Saint-Denis, France