represented by:
DAM Galerie Berlin,
Galerie Charlot Paris
Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels GPL contemporary Vienna

Portrait on the Fly - Interactive

The interactive installation consists of a monitor that shows a swarm of a few thousand flies. When a person positions himself in front of the monitor, the insects builds up the contour of the person. They begin to arrange and rearange themselves continously, thereby creating a recognizable likeness of the individual..

Posing in front of the monitor attracts the flies. Within seconds they invade the face, but even the slightest movement of the head or of parts of the face drives them off. The portraits are thus in constant flux, they construct and deconstruct. Portrait on the Fly is a commentary on our love for making pictures of ourselves (Selfie-Culture), it has to do with change, transience and impermanence.




Exhibitions of "Portrait on the Fly - Interactive"


2017 Print Screen Festival 2017
Digital Arts and Culture Festival (21. until 24. June 2017)
Mediateque Holon, Golda Meir 6
featuring "Portrait on the Fly"
Tel Aviv (Holon), Israel

2017 The View Contemporary Art Space
summer exhibition (24.06.2017 until Sept. 2017)
featuring "Portrait on the Fly"
- Salenstein, Switzerland

2017 Untitled Art International Fair San Francisco
January 13,14,15, 2017
Represented by: Gallery Anita Beckers
- San Francisco, USA

2017 "Iconomania" Maif Social Club Paris
from 13th January 2017 to 31st March 2017
Represented by: Galerie Charlot
- Paris, France

2016 HeK House of Electronic Arts, Basel
Night of the Museums
20 January - 6 March 2016
Featuring "Portrait on the Fly" (interactive version)
- Basel, Switzerland

2015 B3 Biennial of the Moving Image 2015
7.-11. October 2015
Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt
- Frankfurt, Germany

2015 Parallel Art Fair
23.-27. September 2015
represented by Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna
- Vienna, Austria

2015 Art Bahrain
13.-16. October 2015
represented by Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna
- Manama, Bahrain

2015 Wiener Wunderkammer
5.-11. November 2015
Technical University
- Vienna, Austria

2015 Globale - Infosphere at ZKM Karlsruhe
4th Sept-31. January
featuring "Portrait on the Fly" (interactive version )
Curator: Peter Weibel
- Karlsruhe, Germany

2015 Ars Electronica 2015
4.-7. September 2015
at Ars Electronica Center
featuring "Portrait on the Fly" (interactive version and 12 plotter drawings)
Curator: Gerfried Stocker
- Linz, Austria

2015 ISEA International Symposium of Electronic Arts
14th.-18th. August 2015

Vancouver Art Gallery
featuring "Portrait on the Fly" in FUSE festival
- Vancouver, Canada