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The Leonardo Slam is an event for cross contamination of ideas, a short open public gathering based on the format of poetry slam, but more free-form: an individual or group may present work, words, stories, video, sound, ideas about work, work about ideas, work about work, ideas about ideas, work about nothing, ideas about music, music about performances, apples about oranges, oranges about history, history about histories, dance about architecture, et cetera.

Present or demonstrate an artwork, give a serious presentation, give a parody presentation, read a manifesto, tell an anecdote, involve the audience, improvise a song. There is no limit on the form of the presentation other than having a non negative duration and not being too long.

For reference/inspiration/amusement, please visit the Leonardo Generator, a tool providing random article titles and abstracts generated from 50 years of Leonardo, and Leonardo Archive Material: Assorted materials and curiosities from the Leonardo Archive. Presentations need not be directly related to this material, but feel free to seed your clouds with it. Readings based on this material may receive special consideration.

Presentations may be given in any language.

You may submit video & audio material ahead of time.

You may participate in absentia by providing video/audio or other media for slamming.

Sign up is encouraged in order to reserve a spot for presentations. If you register, you are guaranteed a slot. If you do not register, then you still may be able to present depending on space & time, but without guarantee.

Spectator spots allocated on first come first serve basis.

Microphone, audio & video playback equipment will be provided.

Prizes will be awarded according to a set of criteria perhaps including, but not limited to:

Free Pizza & Beer.

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Sponsored by Interface Cultures/Kuntuniversität Linz.

Leonardo was founded in 1968.

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