an interactive installation

© 1993, Christa SOMMERER & Laurent MIGNONNEAU

Anthroposcope Concept

Anthroposcope is an interactive installation involving a microscope, a real plant and a fingertip pulse sensor. The heart bit sensor being clipped onto the visitor's fingertip, he or she can explore through the viewfinder of the microscope three dimensional abstract virtual organisms, all being produced through an algorithm.

According to parameters coming both from the plant biological pulses being sampled continuously and the heart pulse measurements of the visitor, the algorithm will generate new types of virtual organisms that the visitor can manipulate and explore by moving the microscope knobs of the specimen plate, one knob for left-right panning, one for forward and backward movements and one for zooming into the inner structure of the captured organism.

"Anthroposcope" (c) 93, Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau

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Anthroposcope Exhibitions

2022 OÖ Landeskultur GmbH, OK Center Linz "World Machine Art and Science"
"An artistic homage to Johannes Kepler" (18 February 2022 until 15 May 2022)
Featuring our re-constructed Anthroposcope ©1993, Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau
Curated by Gottfried Hattinger
With works and quotations by Johannes Kepler, Attila Csörg?, Monica C. LoCascio, Ralf Baecker, NASA/ESA, Sigmar Polke, Wendelin Pressl, Helga U. Griffiths, Werner Heisenberg, Werner Gruber, Albert Einstein/Nathan Rosen, Miguel Alcubierre, Bertrand Lamarche, George Pal, Ann Lislegaard, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Jan Swammerdam, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Martin Brunnemann, Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau, Thomas Feuerstein, Heather Barnett, Dominique Koch, Pinar Yoldas, Verena Friedrich, Laurent Lamarche
- Linz, Austria

1995 Palazzo della Ragione
"Oltre La Scultura- Biennale de la Piccola Scultura"
- Padua, Italy

1995 Nagoya City Art Museum
"ARTEC'95 - The 4th international Biennale in Nagoya"
- Nagoya, Japan

1994 Museum of Modern Art (KIASMA)
"ISEA 94 - Silicon Graphics Award"
- Helsiki, Finland

1994 Galerie Stadtpark
- Krems, Austria

1993 InterActiva
International Festival for Interactive Media, InterActiva Award
- Cologne, Germany

1993 Ars Electronica '93
"Genetic Art - Artificial Life"
- Linz, Austria